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Related post: Date: Wed, 21 May preteen bikini modle 2003 02:41:02 -0400 From: Subject: Reese and Me 28 - The FireReese and Me 28 - The Fire May 21, 2003Written by Jamie McHaleWarning - This story contains sexual content of a homosexual nature.Note - This story is the property of the writer. Any copying in part or in whole of this document is prohibited. The story is completely fictional and does not involve any real people.Please EMAIL me with all your comments. ______________________________________________Reese and Me 28 - The Fire Four months later ... ~ Jake ~ How things can change with time. Relationships end, and others begin. People drift apart, and others grow closer. Reese had changed substantially within the last young nudist preteen four months. I suppose that I had also evolved on some level. Change can be good, or it can be bad. In either case, it is always inevitable. There are pre teens nonudes certain points in one's life where you come to realize something that you had always overlooked. Something naked art preteen so important that when this epiphany occurs, it seems to throw your entire life into a spinning mess. My relationship with Reese had undergone such a dramatic shift that I had been left to wonder just how things could have fallen apart so quickly. But, there were still so many unanswered questions. High school graduation had come and gone. Now well into the summer, I still had no idea what I was going to do with the rest of my life. I knew that by the end of the summer, my life as I preteen photo collection knew it would come to an abrupt end. I would be going post-secondary in San Francisco at Berkeley University, leaving behind me everything I held dear. My friends, my family, Reese ... my entire life. ******** The dance-floor was filled. I was leaning over a second floor railing of the club, watching as hundreds of people shifted around, drinking and socialyzing amongst each other. Angrily, I imagined Reese with Brian somewhere else in the city, happy tiny nn preteen together. Without me. Sighing aloud, I sipped my rum and coke. It was all still so unbelievable to me. How had things fallen apart so quickly? Right before my eyes. The music largely techno, bouncing lights played across the massive dance-floor. The group of friends I had arrived with were around somewhere. I imagined that they were all having a much better time than I possibly could. Why am I even here? japanese preteen gallery Drinking seemed to be solving most of my problems lately. A fake I.D. I had acquired illegal cp preteen through Chase had sexy beautyful preteen helped me out a lot in that department. Perhaps too much. I couldn't remember the last european nudists preteen night I had spent without having a drink. "Jake!" a voice cried from somewhere behind me. I turned to russian preteen underage see Cory pushing his way through a large crowd of patrons. anal thong preteen "Hey," I called back, managing a smile. Looking extremely cute, Chase's ex-boyfriend stepped up beside me at the railing. "What's up buddy? How come you don't come walk around for a bit?" "I dunno," I cried, having difficulty holding a conversation in such a noisy environment. Even still, I felt as though I actually had something meaningful to say, so I leaned into his ear, "How can I be in a place with so many people and still be so alone?" Cory's smile immediately turned upside-down. He slid his hand across my shoulders, appearing sympathetic. My emotions were so imbalanced that I actually just wanted to start kissing him right there. I kept myself in check, however. "Cheer up, Jakey," preteen underage whores he said, smiling again, "It won't last. Reese raped preteen porn is jus bein an ass." Ever since Cory and I had become friends, he'd had this thing for calling me 'Jakey.' I thought it was cute, and on this occasion he actually managed to put a genuine smile on my face. "You're cute," I said, leaning into his ear once again. "You're drunk," he replied, russian nonnude preteen laughing. It had just occurred to me that I had never even really joked with Cory about that sort of thing. He must have thought me completely hammered to have been hitting on him. "No," I assured him. "This is only number three." Cory seemed to brush it off, looking away from me momentarily. I wasn't sure how to take preteen xxx underground his reaction. However my thoughts were interrupted as Chase, along with Jered, Justin, and Meg joined us at the railing. "Wazzzzup?!" Chase screamed, approaching me. I was glad to see him. He'd been so great to me, especially since my difficulties with Reese had reached a nude preteen fashion level in the extreme. "Hey," I replied. "Not too much." I gestured hot nice preteen to Cory, making sure my tone of voice was loud legal preteen art enough for him to hear, preteen porno fre "Just chattin with your SEXY ex!" Chase mocked an expression of disappointment, "Don't be stupid, you're mine!" I laughed, raising my glass to cheers with him. We clinked our drinks together, exchanging smiles. "How you feeling Jake?" cried Meg, taking a step toward me. "Shitty, you?!" indian preteens nudes "Come asian preteen ru on baby!" she laughed, "We're all having an awesome time tonight!" She shot a glance around at the group, "AM I FUCKING RIGHT GUYS?!" What followed was a succession of applause and cries from nude preteenphoto art the entire gang. Then, of course, a mandatory chugging of whatever was left of our respective drinks. I welcomed it. Without hesitation, I threw back the rest of my rum and coke, looking forward to the drunkeness that was to come. Maybe then, I would be able to forget about Reese. Just then, the shot-girl strolled up, searching for business. "Fuck yeah!" I yelled, trying desperately to get into my 'club-mood'. preteen babes "Six shots of the strongest shit you got!" "Tequila okay?!" the blonde cried, reaching down into her holster for the angel bbs preteen appropriate twenty-sixer. "Yep!" I replied, glancing around at my friends to discover a common look of disgust among all of them. After paying the shot-girl, I decided on a brief pep-talk, "Oh come on! It's just ONE shot! Don't be pussies!" best preteen list I had said it. I had called them pussies. That was it, they would now do anything to prove me wrong. After erupting with cheers, we all clinked our shots together and tossed them back. No chases. Oh yeah ... Most of their faces, especially Justin's, immediately twisted in disgust. I laughed and pointed, not hairless preteen porn realizing the futility of my own actions. All this in an attempt to 'lose' my problems for a few hours. The next morning, everything would be the same. BUT, at that point, I wasn't about to allow that to deter me. 'All day I dream about sex,' by Outkast came shouting through the speakers. Chase and Meg immediately went into dance-mode. I thought it was funny, as I had never really been one for dancing. However, it afforded me a striking free password preteens show by Chase. As he moved next to Meg, he kept his eyes locked onto mine. Unable to break eye-contact, I stared intently at him. I had sex on my mind. It had been far too long since Reese preteen nymphet kds and I had actually done anything, and I was hurting. I realized that everyone there could see what was going on, so I finally forced myself to look away. I opted to turn and face down at the dance-floor, once again. Would it be so bad to go home with someone tonight? I asked myself. It wasn't cheating if Reese had turned his back on our relationship. Even still, I continued to wear his ring, and (as far as I knew) he wore mine. So what were we? The closest pussy preteens nudes analogy that I could figure preteen clothing models was that of a married couple who was momentarily separated. But for what length of time would our separation last? Taking into consideration the current state of my emotions, I wasn't certain how long I could wait for him. With that thought, preteen naked body I cried aloud, "Fuck it!" Everyone turned to look at me, however my eyes were on but one person. He knew it too. "Come with me," I whispered into Chase's ear, motioning for the stairs. He said nothing, simply following me as I made my way down to the first floor of the club, and eventually right out the front entrance. We walked, without exchanging a word, until we had reached the Jeep. I suddenly realized russian photo preteen that my hands were shaking. My state of arousal rising at an alarming rate, I could feel a bulge growing in the front of my pants. But, I was nervous. I wasn't sure how Chase would react to what I was about to do. Aside from that, I didn't know russion preteen porn that I was ready for it either. Another question entered my mind - Was this all in an attempt to 'forget?' In that moment, however, it didn't matter. Breathing heavily, I stopped at the side of the Jeep. Nervously, I glanced around the darkened parking lot. preteen fre It seemed to be deserted. "Jake," Chase said, "What's going on?" "I dunno," I mumbled, my trembling voice cracking with every syllable. "I .. I want ..." Unable to put my emotions into words, I turned to face preteen model spreads him. He peered down into my eyes, piercing my soul. This moment was completely different than any other I had shared with Chase. Long ago, we had been together, but wet preteen cunt this time it seemed to be so preteen love toplists much more difficult for me. This wasn't the 'sympathetic Jake' soothing the 'heart-broken Chase.' This was me truly preteens vintage wanting him, and what he was. Fuck preteen child nude Reese, I thought. At least for one night. I decided that if I was to hesitate any longer, I would never go through with it. I took a step toward him, so that we were nearly right up against each other. Chase was preteenz rape apprently frozen. He just stood there, staring into my eyes, waiting for me to make a move. My heart was racing as I preteen uncensored pics reached for his waist. preteen girl crotches Slowly, I slid my hands around him, pulling him closer. I heard him let out a deep sigh of what I guessed nasty preteen virgins to be pleasure as I buried my face in his neck. I savoured his scent, gently kissing his tender skin. As I slid cp preteenx porn my hands over all the surfaces of his body, feeling everywhere I thought I possibly could, I was waiting for him to push me away. But he didn't. Instead, the sexy boy wrapped his arms around my shoulders, rubbing and touching me passionately. I felt my body quiver with emotion. Being so close to him felt wonderful. Savouring every second of this experience, I grasped his ass, his thighs, everything I could touch. I could feel his arousal as our crouches dug into one another. Slowly, I lovely preteen girl slid myself against him. He replied by doing the chat line preteen same. He sighed again, leaning into the crook of my neck. I could feel his rapid breath on my skin as he began kissing me. I wanted his preteen sluts archive lips against mine. I pulled naked and preteen back about an inch, separating his face from my neck just long enough for us to lock into a passionate embrace. Goosebumps popping up all over my body, I preteen animal sex ran my fingers through his fine hair. In response, Chase grasped my ass hard, pulling me back against him. Massaging each other's mouths preteen dark pictures with our tongues, Chase again ground himself into me. My knees feeling as though they were about to buckle, I steadied myself by hanging onto both his thighs. In preteens underaged teensex the vivid heat of the moment, we started rocking our bodies against one another. I could already feel my impending preteen putas orgasm as my hard cock rubbed up and down within the material of my boxers. The following few preteen swimsuit pics hours would be marked by perfect extacy, as Chase and I celebrated our friendship in the most spectacular way. ******** A week earlier ... Just another in a long line of battles ... "What the fuck you talkin about?!" cried free preteen cunts Reese as his fit of anger and frustration culminated in a physical assault on my nightstand. Red with intense rage, he threw his arm around, knocking everything on the small table to my bedroom floor. "That's it!" I screamed, naked pictures preteens taking an offensive step toward him. My anger had built to the point pre teen chubbies of no return, and I didn't know how to stop myself from what I was about to do. In anticipation of my impending attack, Reese took a defensive step backward. He flinched, his body twisting as I raised my fist. For a split second I thought I might actually preteen porn pantyhose be able to hit him. However, some force from within seemed to stop me. "You wanna fuckin hit me?" Reese yelled, tears streaming down both of his cheeks. I sighed with frustration, lowering my fist. "No, fuck! Just don't be throwing all my shit on the floor!" I was still burning with anger, and I wanted him out of there before the situation got any further. "What the fuck are you doing anyways?! Why'd you do that?!" "Cuz you're a fuckin asshole Jake!" Reese cried. His pitch and tone revealed more to me than I cared to know. "Reese! innocent little preteen Calm the fuck down!" "No!" he declared, "I'm fucking going home! I can't stand you anymore!" With that, he began toward the door. For some reason, I suddenly wasn't yet ready for him to leave, so I blocked his path. Forcibly, I grabbed both totally amature preteens his model preteens bikinis shoulders. "Reese! Wait!" "WHY?!?!" That's when I broke down, childrin porno preteen my anger instantly disolving. It was replaced with deep sadness as I was suddenly reminded of how much I loved him. Without anything better to say, I stared into his tear filled eyes and whimpered, "Because I love you." preteen xxx bbs "Fuck that!" was Reese's belligerent reply, as he preteen model hungry shook lose of my hold, and effectively, our relationship together. Before I knew it, he was downstairs and out the door. He was gone. ******** ~ Reese ~ Brian's house - the holy sanctuary. preteen jap bbs Where I could live in another world, if only for a night. "I've got it made!" remarked Brian, his eyes blazing red. He was absolutely beaming at me from his seat on the oposite couch. "Just think, my best friend's the hottest guy in my high school, and that's really all I need. There's opportunity there." He laughed, urgently staring at me. I knew he was talking about me. Brian's sexual references had always been present in our friendship, however even moreso since Jake and I had broken up. On this occasion, I merely laughed, shrugging him off. The high was definitely good tonight. My head felt as preteen models pictures though it could have weighed a hundred pounds, and all I wanted to do was sit back and relax. The TV was screaming out the brightest, most intensive images I had ever seen, and they were more than enough to keep me occupied. I suddenly realized that Brian had moved to sit next to me. I laughed, wondering how I could have missed his movements. "What's so funny?" Brian asked, gently sliding his hand over mine. I was immediately filled with a fluttering nervousness. It had been a long time since anyone but Jake had touched me like that. "Nothin," I croaked, having a hard time making eye contact preteen real shots with him. "Don't be scared," Brian said, withdrawing his hand. For a long few minutes, there was nothing but silence. I finally worked up the courage to look up into his eyes. He was right next to me, his left leg pressed up against my right. The look on his face made me anxious, but for some reason, I wasn't sure that I wanted him to move away from me. "I'm not," I said, trying to sound as though there had been no change in my demeanor. Brian sighed, mocking fatigue as he switched positions to lay his head across my lap. Another wave of anxiousness swept through my body, but still, I wasn't uncomfortable with his advances. In an attempt to loosen up, I brought forth my hand to rest on his shoulders. "I'm just gonna take this off for you," Brian whispered, reaching for my hand. Slowly, he gripped the ring that Jake had given me to celebrate our engagement, and slid it off my preteen diaper links finger. I don't know why I allowed it, but I did. Disregarding it's symbolic meaning, Brian tossed the ring onto the coffee table and turned back to me. "Just forget about that for a bit," he said, smiling. I frowned, looking away. Still, I didn't move, or ask him to get off of me. Probably realizing what he'd just done, Brian reached up preteen bikini jpgs and gently touched the side of my face. A warm tingly sensation moved up through my body. I wanted him to keep touching me that way. I preteen porn land wanted to truly feel good again. Even still, I couldn't make myself advance on him. "Jake is such an asshole," Brian shot out, turning his head to avoid seeing my reaction to his comment. "You know, he pulled the same shit with me." Brian and I had never really discussed Jake preteens asians forum before. I had always assumed that it would be an awkward subject, as we both had been euro pre preteen in relationships with him. On that occasion though, for whatever reason, I was semi-interested in what he had to say. "What you mean?" I preteen halloween upskirt asked, preteen porngalleries attempting to sound as though his comment hadn't bothered me. "You know what I'm talking about," he replied, twisting around to lay on his back instead of his side. He was now looking preteen model hardcore straight up into my eyes from my lap. He was absolutely gorgeous, and I suddenly relaized how attracted to him I was. "He tries to control you," he continued, "It's the same stuff he did to me. And when he finally gets the point, like when he realizes he can't control you, he just dumps you." In a moment I erotic story preteen could only characterize as extremely intimate, he reached up naked preteen puberty and tenderly undid the first few buttons of my shirt. Then he spoke in the softest tone I had ever heard, "I went through all that, baby." I closed my eyes, trying to take it all in. I realized that my hands were trembling, an indicator of my anxiety. I wanted this so badly. "Yeah," I stuttered, my eyes firmly shut. "Don't be so nervous, Reese," Brian whispered, "It's jus me." I felt his hands soflty exploring my neck and shoulders. I let out a deep breath, almost instictively bringing my hands down onto his chest. Slowly slipping into bbs preteen galleries the role, I sexy preteen yo probed his tight pecs, his firm shoulders, everywhere I could touch. I almost stopped myself when preteend models nude Jake's image suddenly popped into my head. Shaking him out of my thoughts, I finally opened my eyes. I found that Brian was still intently staring up at me. I'd never preteen thong art seen so much lust and passion in someone's eyes. I realized that I was finally going to do it. I was going to be with someone other than Jake. There had been times when I couldn't have imagined that was possible. But, things change. "I know," I muttered, my arousal growing with each passing second. I could feel my cock hardening as Brian smoothly completed un-buttoning my shirt. Suddenly, he got up, stepping up in front of me. 'I'm Horny' painted across his mischievous smile, he quickly pulled off his shirt revealing his tight physique. As I watched, he straddled me, pushing his amazing body up against mine. Then, he leaned in and we made contact. Sensually, we moved our lips and tongues together, preteen bbs nonude deeply involved in what was rapidly becoming an intense session. It had been so long since the last time I had done this. I felt amazing. Our passionate kiss lasted for an eternity. With each passing minute, nasty litle preteen my heat seemed to double. I needed to have sex with him. My chest heaving, I finally broke our embrace, pushing him back onto the couch. Not a second later, I was ontop of him, relentlessly taking down his pants and boxers. His wonderful surprise unleashed, I began kissing and licking my way down his chest and abs. When I finally got to his crotch, I found his hot seven-inch cock waiting for me. Brian was so involved. His body was constantly moving, and his fingers were inexorably working my hair. The sensations traveling through my body were tremendous and overwhelming as I took his meat into my mouth and began to suck him off. In carnal passion, I spent nearly an hour sucking, licking, and kissing his sweet manhood. underground preteen pictures I couldn't take it anymore, I wanted to taste his seed. Steadily, as Brian moaned and groaned beneath me, I increased my pace. I took his entire shaft into my mouth, afterwhich completely releasing him. streaming preteen sex Then I repeated the action. As his orgasm arrived, he bucked his hips and shot seven consecutive shots of hot cum into my mouth. He wasn't finished just yet, his tool still rock-hard. Passionately, he mounted me, setting me on my side. Like an animal in heat, he pushed my pants and boxers down to my knees. preteen amature modles I could feel his hot breath virgin girl preteen on the back preteen asian ass of my neck as he gripped my waist preteen brazilian cuties and slowly pushed himself inside me. My body pulsed with pleasure, and I reached around to grasp his sweat-glazed ass. With all my strength I pulled him as far into me as possible. And then, as I had expected, Brian delivered bondage for preteen the most intense sex I had experience in a long time. I let out slight cries of sweet agony, enjoying every moment. Our bodies moved together in the most fantastic motion. He humped me hard, and I pushed myself back into him. At the same time, Brian reached around and nonude cp preteen gripped my solid cock. Breathing deeply and pedro preteen picks moaning in pleasure, he worked me until we both shot our loads. I let out a cry as my body exploded with pleasure. My toes dug into the couch, my own hot cum spraying preteen sarah all over my chest and face. ******** I sat on the sand, watching as waves battered swimmers in the distance. word preteens models The sun beating down on my skin, I lay back onto mother preteen incest my beach-towel. I wasn't sure why I was there, but it seemed to be as quiet a place as any beauty preteens to just be alone and relax. I thought about the night before. My passionate night with Brian preteen girl cp had culminated in the realization that nothing I could do would make me forget about Jake. When it was all over with Brian, I was filled with regret. I couldn't figure out why, though. Is it that I'm not quite ready to move on? I let out a hard illegal russain preteens sigh, wondering where my life was going. I had always thought that Jake and I would be together for the rest of our lives, especially after his triumph over cancer. Everthing was changing. Was I 'with' Brian now? I settled on preteen heaven nonnude the hope that, with time, my questions would be answered. Then, I could truly get on with my life.____________________________PLEASE PLEASE EMAIL ME WITH ALL YOUR COMMENTS! I want to hear from all of you, especially my dearest fans who have stuck preteen porn asian with me through the entire series. It's been three years, guys. Where does the time go?
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